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Broken heart

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SC, my dad has the irregular heartbeat thing, u r right on the one there is not alot they can do with it. his was picked up on a medical not because of any symptoms, might of had it for years, anyway i dont think meds help it but in my dads case they are keeping an eye on it and one day they might fit a pacemaker to regulate it. dont stress to much about it, you ll only increase the anxiety, just follow the gps advice.

am i talking rubbish or what???

i am starting to sound like one of them people who has to of known someone in a similar posisiton in alot of things....oh my god... there the people i hate :(
Very curious what your Dad's heart condition has been diagnosed as and how hs treated it and how old he is now.

if this was to me???? i dont know what his condition is, i just know his heartbeat is really really slow and misses alot of beats....hes been in for exploratery ops and other treatments that i dont want to put down as i dont want to scare sc.....

but my dad is about 59.......and probably has had his condition for years, hes just taken earlier retirment but isnt exactley taking it easy, hes living his life to the full.....and at the end of the day if he ends up with a pacemaker its nothing bad is it, its suppose to help....i think.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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