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Hey Guys! I just wondered how long everyone waits to see if meds kick in? I was in a position where I had to take mine for atleast 3 months (Brintellix). I didn't think it was working (maybe just a ltitle), but after 3 months, I really started to see improvements. I've seen a lot of people give it up after 6-8 weeks, but it took me much longer. In fact I'm in month 4 and still seeing more improvements. Because my insurance doesn't cover it, I am switching to Effexor (and hoping this switch doesn't screw me up). I just wanted to put a little hope out there that maybe we should be giving things longer to kick in before giving up on them. I'm hoping this can help someone out there, because I know when I was at my worst, I was desperate for any info I could find. I'll be happy to answer any questions
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Best of luck to all of you! We all deserve better!
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