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at times i'm finding it difficult to take a deep breath. its only happening since i started an ssri. anyone had this? is it anxiety related?

This very much so is anxiety.

This is a snippet from an anxiety website.

Shortness of breath
The sensation:
You feel that your breathing is forced and labored. You become conscious of how you are breathing and you have a hard time catching your breath. It seems like you have to force yourself to breathe, in fear that if you don't, you'll stop breathing and die. Or, for no apparent reason, you feel out of breath and find yourself doing an unusual amount of yawning in an attempt to catch your breath.

The reason:
When stress biology changes the body, it quickens the breathing and respiration so that the individual is ready for immediate action. Unfortunately, this also means that the breathing becomes shallow in nature (unless we are physically exerting the body such as running, fighting, swimming, etc.) which results in the body not getting enough oxygen. That?s why we feel out of breath. This is a natural occurring biological outcome resulting from stress biology.

Sometimes this symptom will be persistent from day to day, and other times it may appear for awhile, then disappear. Both are common. Once the nervous system calms down, you breathing will return to normal.

Also, because breathing is an automatic bodily function, you?ll never have to worry about not breathing. Your body does it automatically. It may be shallow, but you?ll always get enough oxygen.

Regular exercise helps to maintain regular breathing patterns.

As with all symptoms, when the nervous system gets sufficient rest, this symptom will diminish and eventually subside.
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