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Ok, here's the new one...last night I started thinking about my breathing and it all of a sudden seemed like I was controlling it, and I kept focusing on it, like if I stopped thinking about it I would stop breathing. I realize that it's an unconscious action, like your heart beating, but i start obsessing about it. I'm not sure exactly how to not focus on the breathing, especially when I'm laying down to sleep or whatever.
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Like you say Peaceboy, it's just another flavour of obsession. And from what you have written, you know it too. And that's a start. Everyone at some point in their life has experienced the transient feelings that you describe, but with us neurotics it can become an obsessional rumination. It will pass, if you continue to fight the beast as you have done. Ignore it....ignore it....ridicule it.....let it pass. Concentrate on your recovery from DR/DP.....everything else will follow. I promise. I have been exactly where you are, and these thoughts and feelings will, with time and effort, pass.
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