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Hi people,
Just spent last hour or so reading recent posts,and just want to wish everyone struggling, good luck-keep fighting.The fact you're on this site proves you still have the willpower and the strength in there to get through your battle.

It's been an interesting month.My friend's chemo has made her hair fall out,but she's a bloody tough one and seems to be coping ok. When trying to explain DP/DR to her,she looks at me and says "You're just weird!" Taking the mickey out of me cheers her up so...
Like many people have posted,self absorption/obsessiveness can be a factor in DP/DR ,and having a real concern for someone else is healthy.

I was KPing (kitchen porter-basically,washing dishes) in a local hotel restaurant.Managed to keep it together the first 2 nights,but the third night I was totally lost.Disembodied,foggy head,couldn't think,anxious-trying to organize a messy sink area.....Bloody nightmare.
Final straw came when chef asked me to make some chips and I almost sliced my bloody finger off.Was lucky,only cut it bad.I realised then I'd bitten off more than I could chew,and let them know it wasn't for me.

Since my last post,I've been seriously researching relaxation techniques-deep breathing,meditation,visualization-and find they actually make a difference.I d been aware of this stuff for years,but was so far gone that I never took it all on board.Even during the "nightmare in the kitchen" it helped,so I'm treating that episode as a learning experience,that recovery is going to take time and patience.
Years of insomnia are my main enemy at the moment,but its getting there.I've got some sleeping tabs off the doctor,but am trying not to take them.I realise now that for years I've never had healthy sleep-I've slept through shear mental exhaustion and not woke up refreshed.May have to relent tonight 'cos the head tension I usually have is starting to hurt.We'll see.

I'll finish by saying to those who find anxiety a major problem,to look into breathing/meditation stuff.It's based in neuroscience and is absolutely fascinating-and it works.I realise I'm just beginning,but it's given me some strategies to fight the anxiety and to get in touch with the personality in here that's been buried for so long.

Good luck to us all.
PS-Guitar playing on hold 'cos of my finger-could I sue?
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