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i feel emptier than ever, always less here. my mind is in forever nightmare sleep. i hear voices and thoughts are crazy. i dont feel any emotion anymore. i feel pressed down.. and possessed and i cant feel this body anymore. im sure im not here anymore. but where.. and why im still aware of this allpain. why cant this end? i will probably drop to dead soon. i dont even understand this writing anymore. i think it really is true that your soul can be in hell. i dont know if im suppose to do something or just wait for dead? because i feel heres noway out of this.
yes this was only dp and depresseion first but now i feel someone have cursed me and im targetted.
and these demons will kill me
they already did but some reason im still suffering here
i feel that im closer tl dead than ever... its very painful death. here is no moment anymore that im aware of anything. i have completely shutted
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