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Brain Fog, Memory problems, Material Absorbtion issues(reading, watching movies)

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Good day everyone, I am going through a rough patch and I really need to know if anyone else has had issues with memory and being in a brain fog? I have had DPDR from a few years now but the last few months I have had NO anxiety, NO panic, just an overall sense of being detached and faded. I have trouble reading and remembering what I just read, or it feels extremely foggy when I try to remember what I had for breakfast. I am almost sure that these are symptoms of depression and DPDR but I am beginning to become concerned that it might be something more sinister. I have had blood tests and a check up and have been told that I am in good health with no signs of concern. Does anyone relate to me or have any advice, ideas, thoughts, anything? Overall I thought I was making some progress with healthy eating and exercise but this brain fog is horrible. I invested in some vitamins and fingers crossed that they help after a few weeks or so. Anyways, thanks for listening to yet another DPDR soul who is lost and confused. Hope everyone is staying positive and doing well.

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Absolutely another effect of depersonalization. My memory is so bad that events that happened several hours ago feel like yesterday. I used to worry about it, until I realized it was probably caused by stress itself and I was perpetuating it. I play around with memory games now and challenge myself.

I read somewhere (don't have source) a while back that even doing something like brushing your teeth with the other hand can create new neural pathways. Perhaps you want to look into some exercises to help counter attack the effects of depersonalization on your memory.

The important thing is that you accept it as a symptom and don't let it create more fear. If you do that, you are paradoxically perpetuating your poor memory.
Thank you very much for your insight and advice!
Don't worry I have had no anxiety or panic for years it's been replaced by a chronic feeling of deadness. It's still unfortunately dp and I believe a mixture of adrenal fatigue
I think I am experiencing the same thing as you. Is there anything we can do to alleviate the adrenal fatigue?
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