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Brain blood circulation

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Does anyone have the effect of mild headache in different parts of the brain, sometimes its like a burning feeling. It increases when I try to go to sleep, everything seems with its volume turned up, every sound makes me twitch, little muscle spasms all over my body.

I have this constant light ringing in my ears, can't listen to my black/death metal tunes anymore :evil:, because it feels like someone is hitting me with a sledge hammer.
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I've got basically all that except for the headaches, although I do get that feeling of "pressure" in the head sometimes.

I can totally relate to the sounds making you twitch, for me it's like any sound can have the "jolt" effect of a sudden surprise.

And the ringing in the ears is always there too...I've only had it disappear a few times since I've had DP and anxiety.
Ear ringing can actually be caused by a build up of wax in the ear, and that's relatively common.

It's a longshot, but getting your ears syringed by your doctor might actually solve the problem for some of you. I might even get it done myself, at some point.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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