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Brain blood circulation

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Does anyone have the effect of mild headache in different parts of the brain, sometimes its like a burning feeling. It increases when I try to go to sleep, everything seems with its volume turned up, every sound makes me twitch, little muscle spasms all over my body.

I have this constant light ringing in my ears, can't listen to my black/death metal tunes anymore :evil:, because it feels like someone is hitting me with a sledge hammer.
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the ringing in the ears is tinnitus that can be caused through anxiety....i suffer with it but can cope with it until everything is silent then the buzzing drives me nuts......sound been really loud is aso from the anxiety....i use to feel like i could jump out of my skin when people shut doors....give it time things will settle down....i think my hearing is now normal but the tinnitus is still here :(
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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