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Brain and body gone... Scared

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Hi I've no idea what is going on I do not feel human at all. I'm not a part of the world or life around me. I am locked away in a dark box in another realm... I can see and hear but don't understand how as I can't sense my body at all, like how can I see with no eyes.

My time perception is gone all days are the same just endless suffering sitting here every day no thoughts or feelings only horrified. I don't feel the weather or seasons, or days or months. Nothing makes sense at all. Nothing looks real.

I can't sense my head or body, I see them but there is no sense of having a physical body. Don't know how I am typing. When I walk I can't feel my legs moving or if they are even there. When I walk my brain don't understand how things are moving past me as I move it's so crazy I can't stand it at all.

I turn my head I don't feel my muscles move or stretch, can't feel my eyes or if they are moving, my vision is bad visual snow, extreme tinnitus and buzzing noises that make me want to chop my head off, want to die all the time but terrorfied of dying but living like this is terrorfying also.

I don't sense hunger or thirst sensations, barely sweat, brain and nervous is destroyed. This all happend from antidepressants reactions but Dr's won't admit it. Keep saying it's anxiety and giving more pills and ruins me more.

I'm sure I'm going to be stuck this way til I'm dead. I had akathisa also.

When I wake up I hear my thoughts random words and phrases, images in my head extremely confusing. I never feel tired at night just fall asleep without being tired then have vivid dreams and nightmares more real than waking life.

I don't know what the fuck to do it's been 4 years now nothing changes. If I had not taken antidepressants I would still be a human ffs.
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What did you take, what dosage, and how long? What was the reason you went on them. Did it happen while on them or when coming off of them?
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