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Hope everyone's coping and making progress.
Reading a lot of the entries,the issue of blank-mindedness crops up a lot.I had this for years,and it was a constant source of anxiety;all the self focus without any point.It's only recently I clicked on to the technique of focusing on the breathing-when mind goes blank,think "breathe in...breathe out...breathe in..." Simple,sure we've all heard it as part of relaxation techniques,but with persistence,I'm finding it works. Not a cure,not a holy grail,but a coping mechanism.And with time and persistence,it's starting to become a reflex.Even thinking of getting a tattoo to serve as a reminder.

A lot of us have DP to such an extent that it stops us holding down jobs.That leaves a lot of free time,and I bet a lot of us spend that time researching our condition,either getting more depressed,or having revelations that we've found "The Answer",only,after a few days,back to feeling the same,only a little more pissed off and disappointed.Researching is good and necessary,but too picking a scab.
Finding something to fill the time is vital,and if that something is creative,more the better.My thing is guitar and song writing.When I feel myself fading away,I focus on the latest thing I'm working on (whilst and the panic is headed off at the pass.
Do something with your time-boredom kills.

Keep on keeping on,people,you're not alone.

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Sep 05 2016 08:57 PM

I hear you. I was feeling out of it today and then I focused on something my boyfriend was doing. It didn't help my situation as a whole but it helped me not stress out on the moment.
I'm glad you found solace in guitar music.
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