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Borderline.... bipolar

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Just wonder...

I never made veritable borderline crisis (banging on the wall, hurting myself, etc.) but sometimes I wonder if I can be a little bit borderline.

Especially since my Paxil withdrawal, I makehuge crisis about some tiny little things and yell like crazy, and at the same time I think of dying, and all my life is shit, and I should leave all the people and retire myself from the world, and I become very very depressed. :cry: And after I really feel detached, more dp/dr.... then after, I cry like a baby. I need something to calm me down. And after, I just feel more stoned, that is all.

I wonder if DP can be similar to Borderline.... or even bipolar.

I can feel good 1 minute, then bang! Feeling horribly dp and dr, in crisis, then after this transe, going home and hardlty remember what I've did, done, been....

It's like I am someone else sometimes.... and I don't know why. :shock:

Anyway, just wonder if if can be similar to those illness.

Cynthia :(
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Is your name Cynthia or Karine? I'm really confused.

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