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Just wonder...

I never made veritable borderline crisis (banging on the wall, hurting myself, etc.) but sometimes I wonder if I can be a little bit borderline.

Especially since my Paxil withdrawal, I makehuge crisis about some tiny little things and yell like crazy, and at the same time I think of dying, and all my life is shit, and I should leave all the people and retire myself from the world, and I become very very depressed. :cry: And after I really feel detached, more dp/dr.... then after, I cry like a baby. I need something to calm me down. And after, I just feel more stoned, that is all.

I wonder if DP can be similar to Borderline.... or even bipolar.

I can feel good 1 minute, then bang! Feeling horribly dp and dr, in crisis, then after this transe, going home and hardlty remember what I've did, done, been....

It's like I am someone else sometimes.... and I don't know why. :shock:

Anyway, just wonder if if can be similar to those illness.

Cynthia :(

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It's like I am someone else sometimes.... and I don't know why.
DP/DR can be a symptom of Borderline, but doesnt have to be.
The experiences you write about in your post sound like borderline though

Since Im in therapy I feel like im more lost than I was before and feel like Im different people. Not literally different people, but lets say Im finding myself in different states that change all the time and this is getting worse even. I find it very disturbing.
Dont know if you have that too?
I do recognize you can feel like you are someone else sometimes.
Im at a loss who I am really. :shock:
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