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Book of Daphne Simeon in 2006...

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I went to the site and it says that the book Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of Self will be released in february 2006.... I ordered it and it was saying january 2005. I am deceived :(

Anyway, just to let you know.

Cynthia xxx
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great another book that will probably tell you everything that you have read already.
LOL. May be cynical, but that was funny and probably pretty accurate as well.
Dreamer apologies, didn't mean for you to get so upset...

But the thing is SoulBrotha, despite his semi-irreverent post (and his irreverence can really get under my skin too), has got it right, in general here... I mean, Dreamer, I understand you have suffered from DP/DR etc for longer than most anyone here. But I think the point SB was trying to make was there's a TON of info out there, so you claiming that DP is a misunderstood illness or whatnot isn't entirely accurate. Simply reading Janine's descriptions of dissociative states, how they form, why, etc etc... The theory behind it all is out there, and it makes a bit of sense. So I don't know what kind of research inparticular can be done that will help someone individually (generalization there, and just a belief).

I'm not saying the book will be useless, far from it. Research is always good. But the fact that it will be useless to a majority of people here, well... it's probably a pretty good chance. For an obsessive anxiety ridden individual, I don't believe that a book researching the internal mechanisms and all that jazz is really going to help much... A ton of research has already been done on OCD, anxiety, depression, neurosis of various sorts, blahdity blah, and we all suffer those symptoms as well, so any research specifically zooming in on DP might be little more than novelty.

I don't mean to undermine or dismiss your suffering or anyone elses. I just found it comedic that I am usually irritated by SB's cynical, "why?" posts, but in this instance found his bluntness particularly honest and accurate...

Didn't mean to do any harm. Just had a laugh and congratulated SB for that(I've never ever done that before; I had to give him credit).
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