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Book of Daphne Simeon in 2006...

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I went to the site and it says that the book Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of Self will be released in february 2006.... I ordered it and it was saying january 2005. I am deceived :(

Anyway, just to let you know.

Cynthia xxx
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Reading the book will prolly make shit worse...honestly!

SoulBrotha said:
I agree with Dakota Joe

the thing is, many of you just sit around and obsess soley on DP/DR and don't really try to do other things.

I did this at the beginning, but quickly learned that it wouldn't help, so I HAVE GONE OUT AND LIVED LIFE so to speak, and yet I still feel miserable. Why?? I have no f--- idea, thats what im trying to figure out.

the Soul Bro is Soul Searching

i won't allow myself to become a weak individual who lives off f--- disability and complains all day, but when you go to schoo, work, do music, hang out with friends, and still feel miserable and not too much better, THAN YOU HAVE A REASON TO COMPLAIN.

if i locked myself in my room and felt worse, I would understand

but I don't do that and don't understand
I don't understand either....its about what I wrote in my last post in response to Janine. I am doing everything I can to help myself feel better. I work, I workout, I eat well, I'm working on staying away from the alcohol, I try to think positiive, I try to go out and do things, yet it only gets worse. Why?
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