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Book of Daphne Simeon in 2006...

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I went to the site and it says that the book Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of Self will be released in february 2006.... I ordered it and it was saying january 2005. I am deceived :(

Anyway, just to let you know.

Cynthia xxx
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Well then, man do you folks get me riled up, there's no reason for Dr. Simeon to do any research into this so we can understand this better.???

She has worked for years at Mt. Sinai with Eric Hollander. Maricio Sierra has worked equally as hard at the IoP in London.

Would you rather have them sit on their hands and do nothing?

Absolutely astounding. This is probably the first major book on DP. I am 46 years old, have had this for virtually my entire life, and now there is a book about it, about research. People might start understanding a little bit about what is wrong with us.

Honest to God I don't know what people want here.

Also, I've ordered the book. The ship date is January, 2005. I expect it within a couple of weeks.
SoulBrotha said:
umm Im not on this site to make friends
I don't even know if I have DP, DR yeah I believe
I just don't think people should get all excited over some book.
and to be honest like when im out the words DEPERSONALIZATION/DEREALIZATION don't even come into my mind even though i feel weird or miserable or depressed.
I'm sorry Soulbrother but your comments are beyond rude,
What in God's name ARE you doing on this site then. For what purpose.

"You don't think people should...." YOU?

I know I should do as Terri says, take a breath and not post. But it is completely beyond my comprehension then if you are on this Board and don't even think you have DP.

Don't torture others here who do with insults, rudeness, inanity.

If you have a gripe, go somewhere else. This is a support board.

This will probably turn into another shouting match, and hopefully someone will delete it.

Why are you here? Why do you post here if you don't want help, and don't care to share information, coping skills, whatever.

I'm sorry, but this is infuriating. You don't deserve the luxury of the hard work put into this board, originally by Andy, and then by James and Sarah.
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SoulBrotha said:
I don't care
THAT is abundantly clear and has been since you first came here.
Bro, this is one of my occasional explosions of anger at some people here, but you don't care about anyone but yourself. You never have and probably never will.

Someone go ahead and delete this. I am truly in a foul mood.
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