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Book Club - Ready to Begin!

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Awhile back I suggested we try to do a "book club" discussion of some interesting psycholgical fiction - books that really make you think or that mignt provoke intriguing debates/discussions, especially in areas that might be important for DP types like us.

There are TWO-count-em-TWO books I suggest we start with. Read both or either and I bet we can have a great discussion.

Enchanted Night - by Stephen Millhauser. originally recommended by our Martin (don't let that scare you away though) as one of the best novels he's read. I got it on his suggestion, and Terri* followed suit. It's a beautiful fantasy that will just sweep you away (in a good way, lol) We're ready to talk about it whenever anyone else wants to join in.

The second book I recommend highly is
The Defense by Nabokov (this one is very intense and deals with reality versus non-reality - focusing on a man's obsessions and fears of other people and his desperate need to construct meaning in fantasies only in his head.

It ties in well with Enchanted Night (to me) but is a very different kind of book.

The Defense is for the real intellectuals who like a good challenge
and want a better understanding of schizoid and narcissistic defenses (in a character study/work of fiction, this is not a psych book)
Enchanted Night is for ANYONE here who enjoys the power of human imagination and understands lonliness and wants to join us.

Hope to see you in the club!

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I WILL have a look at one or both of those soon, but first I need to finish my exams (end of the month) and get a job.

I guess I'll have to catch up with everyone in a few weeks.
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