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Blank mindness/grabbing the invisible?

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I relate to everyone who describes their minds being blank. It’s like your mind is chewing on nothingness, there’s just no content being absorbed. I disagree that it is a lack of thought though I DO agree that it is a lack of content. Instead of your mind being blank, your mind is narrowed, and concentrated on a fixed position. Almost like we’re resisting what’s inside our minds without being aware of it happening.

If a mind is concentrating/hyper fixated on something in particular then it also blocks out everything except what it’s trying to focus on, and is therefore resisting. BUT if this happens automatically then its a problem. A great one. I believe my own “thought depersonalization” is because of this, and my mind automatically overthinks itself to a point where it becomes dull, numb, and cannot feel anything but what it thinks of. I question why this happens though. I’m not saying it’s as easy as flipping a switch anymore. Why do you guys think it could happen? I’m open to anything

I notice that I am aware of when my mind is dull and narrow, and subsequently the effort I apply to try “grab” onto thoughts actually makes it worse. In my case it’s OCD intrusive thoughts making the magic happen. (Fuck) I’m wondering what it means to be connected to your own thoughts again. I’m thinking that it cannot imply effort. But like I said, I’m open to ideas.
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I relate blank mind, not being able to have thoughts, to how one with a dislocated knee could not possible run the marathon of life. Not to mention nobody can see it's dislocated. I believe my dissociation stems from a dislocation of consciousness.
My mind is blank in the same way one cannot move their leg with a dislocated knee, much less run with a dislocated knee.
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