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Blank mind/brain fog - don't know what is wrong anymore

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I definitely had more "typical" DP symptoms when this first started like weird vision/feelings of unreality but now I don't even know .. I mainly suffer from brain fog/blank mind/cognitive issues. I don't feel anxious, I exercise, mediate, try to do as many relaxation exercises as possible... to no avail. It affects me regardless of mood or stress level. I could be with friends, laughing and smiling, and I still have this disturbing awareness of my mind not being quite right.

Sometimes I think I am normal or that I'm just depressed, but then I'll do something and be reminded that my thought process is not right. I have so many random hobbies that I'll force myself to do but nothing distracts me fully. Or the more I try to participate in some engaging activity that requires me to think a lot, the more apparent it becomes - obviously. People say "just don't think about it" - I'm not thinking about anything, the problem is my damn thinking.

Is this a neurological problem? Should I try taking medication? I'm worried about meds making it worse but I will eventually kill myself if this seems to continue indefinitely .. Sorry for the rant, I just feel so misunderstood and crazy these days.
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I would try medication and give it a few weeks to kick in. I’m struggling right now too. I’m on a week an a half of paxil and my moods a little better but still have dpdr. Hopefully in the next couple weeks that will go to, trying to stay hopefully. Paxil had saved me in the past so I’m hoping it will do the same this time
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