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Blank mind/brain fog - don't know what is wrong anymore

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I definitely had more "typical" DP symptoms when this first started like weird vision/feelings of unreality but now I don't even know .. I mainly suffer from brain fog/blank mind/cognitive issues. I don't feel anxious, I exercise, mediate, try to do as many relaxation exercises as possible... to no avail. It affects me regardless of mood or stress level. I could be with friends, laughing and smiling, and I still have this disturbing awareness of my mind not being quite right.

Sometimes I think I am normal or that I'm just depressed, but then I'll do something and be reminded that my thought process is not right. I have so many random hobbies that I'll force myself to do but nothing distracts me fully. Or the more I try to participate in some engaging activity that requires me to think a lot, the more apparent it becomes - obviously. People say "just don't think about it" - I'm not thinking about anything, the problem is my damn thinking.

Is this a neurological problem? Should I try taking medication? I'm worried about meds making it worse but I will eventually kill myself if this seems to continue indefinitely .. Sorry for the rant, I just feel so misunderstood and crazy these days.
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That’s a depression problem. Those are all symptoms of depression and an antidepressant will fix that. I had ALL symptoms of this hell and anxiety/panic/depresión came with this hell. For months I walked around with what felt like a brain full on cotton/fog/in a bubble that needed to be popped until I started Effexor and Xanax.
I don't understand how it's depression :( I don't feel sad, just mentally blank. The only thing that I find depressing is feeling like this. I guess it's a bit of a chicken or egg problem .. I just know feeling weird came before wanting to end my life.
And that's exactly what I used to tell myself. but in reality we are obsessing over this Dp/dr hell that makes us have these weird feelings and is linked to depression. I didn't know what depression felt like until i got this crap
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