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bipolar disorder?

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How many of you have been diagnosed with bipolar? because I'm really starting to think I'm bipolar, no for reals.
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Well of the two biggies of mental illness Ie scitzophenia and Bi Polar i seem to match a lot of symtons for the bi-polar and few on the scitzophenia so I am not sure I have bi-polar (havent been diagnosed) but its looking like I having some kind of manic disorder of some type, like for example I match all these criteria

mania sympons ( i am going through what I beleive is a manic kind of episode now, I feel like the man, everything feels right, ive been awake for all night since christmas eve and prior to getting back home i was having serious thoughts about killing myself, now i feel on top of the world and full of energy)

Increased physical and mental activity and energy yes, oohh i want to write a book, i want to script a film bla bla bla etc etc
Heightened mood, exaggerated optimism and self-confidence yes
Excessive irritability, aggressive behavior yes (already had an argument with my mum today)
Decreased need for sleep without experiencing fatigue yes - haven't slept all night and I feel fine
Grandiose delusions, inflated sense of self-importance - yep recently been thinking about how im going to change the world and become like the best rock star ever, despite the fat i cant play music for shit)
Racing speech, racing thoughts, flight of ideas - yep sometimes speech seems to flow in a very natrual fashion, and i feel confident about what im saying self assured
Impulsiveness, poor judgment, distractibility - yes ,yes don't think about doing things consuqeunces etc etc,no
Reckless behavior - sometimes yes
In the most severe cases, delusions and hallucinations - yes for delusions mild panoia , no for hallucantions


Prolonged sadness or unexplained crying spells - yes for sadness feeling of voidness , no for crying,I can't cry
Significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns - no for appetite , yes for sleep patterns , these are always changing
Irritability, anger, worry, agitation, anxiety - big fat yes, i worry about everything, and also that things are my fault
Pessimism, indifference - yes , often feeligns of whats the point, recureent suicidal thoughts
Loss of energy, persistent lethargy - yes for sure, i felt so letharic a few days ago when my relatives came round to stay i didn't want to see them, satyed in my room and listened to kraftwerk man-machine album
Feelings of guilt, worthlessness - oh yess though ive preety much decided guilt is a stupid worthless emotion, i still feel it
Inability to concentrate, indecisiveness - yes, i cant concentrate on crap when im low
Inability to take pleasure in former interests, social withdrawal - iv'e spent the last 5 days in my room, with no desire to go out, preety much layed in bed all day
Unexplained aches and pains - back pains
Recurring thoughts of death or suicide - yep defeialty, more so than a long long time, like i have been constantly thinking about getting some knives from downstairs and slittign my wrists actually was preety close to doing it today when i was preety drunk, but when drunkenesss wore off i saw sense, still constant thoughts of suicide when low, at the moment i couldn't care less about suicide though , i feel happy!

Sorry if anyone finds this post depressing or whatever, but I seriously think that the bi-ploar may be the source of my dp/dr as well as all the other crap thats going on with me, as I am preety sure I don't have scitzophenia.
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but I know for a FACT that "illnesses" such as GAD and bipolar were created so that more drugs could be put into our brains.
Have you got anything to back that comment up, now I can be quite the cynic sometimes and I can concieve the possibilty that drug companies don't give a fuck about anything apart from sales of drugs, but there isn't really any evidence to support your claims so how can you know for a FACT?

I would much rather be "bipolar" or whatever they diagnose you as than to take those meds that make me a creature straight out of "night of the living dead."
Meds are probaly going to help some people though IMO, I know when I had my intial breakdown meds helped me a lot, calmed me the fuck down, now im not so sure i need the meds but at some points if an individual is having a mental problem what is wrong with chemicals going into your brain to bring some relief, or sedate the person, they don't even have to take the meds forever as it is an indiivudal choice (in most cases anyway) to take the meds.

for me perosnelly I am going to take a break from meds probably after iv'e had a chat with my doctor as they are making me very very sleepy and I think I am at a more or less more functional level than I was previously, and my meds have helped, regardless of the not so great side effects, but have to take the bad to get th good ie recorvery so I rhink that in the end taking meds for a while is a good option (depending on the individual) and is probably not going to make me a braindead zombie for the rest of my life.
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