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bipolar disorder?

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How many of you have been diagnosed with bipolar? because I'm really starting to think I'm bipolar, no for reals.
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yeah I get the distinct impression we know more than a lot of the professionals out there. i definitely know more than my GP. but then he is a 'general practitioner' not a psychiatrist.

sleeping b you are so not schizophrenic from that incident - besides, dont you have to exhibit the symptoms for at least 3 months or something for that diagnosis. whats your doc on about? i took Sonata, a relatively harmless (in comparison to tranqs) sleeping pill and totally felt like i was on acid. i was basically dreaming whilst awake with auditory hallucinations and 'felt' people in the room etc. tripping out. my doc mentioned something about psychotic reaction. i really couldnt care less what he said, im not psychotic, the reaction may have brought on psychotic like symptoms but i was ok when i woke up the next day. everybody who takes acid must have a psychotic episode every time they take it in that case. if the psychotic symptoms leave your body along with the drug then you aint psychotic
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Interesting stuff, will print out and read it. I kind of glanced over it just now - what's iatrogenic?

I agree with you in the sense that 'diagnoses' ie giving a name to something and then prescribing a particular med to treat it may be a way to make money because quite often its never that clear cut. In fact I doubt it ever is. However, my panic attacks weren't caused by any drug (thats why i asked about iatrogenic), i was quite young. And drugs have helped me. But will read your stuff because I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist and love to doubt the government and drug companies... :lol:
1 - 2 of 72 Posts
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