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bipolar disorder?

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How many of you have been diagnosed with bipolar? because I'm really starting to think I'm bipolar, no for reals.
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i REAAAAAAALLY dont think im bipolar, but its part of my overall diagnosis. ADD, Anxiety, Depression, disociative disorder, ocd, and even skitzofrenia are hidden away in my diagnosis.. but BIPOLAR is on the top of the heap which really pisses me off but my doc wont budge. its the 'in vogue' mental illness these days. doctors just LOOOOVE rubberstamping you with it. i do have moodswings, but i dont think it qulifies me as bipolar. the only reason skitz is in there is cause the first day i took lexapro i felt really drugged up and i had mild halucinations. (saw a big white dog run across the street.. saw a man standing in the road that wasnt there) but that was the extent and im pretty convinced it was completely med induced. but i cant seem to tell my doctor that. she believes what she wants to believe about me and that totally sucks. :evil:
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1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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