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Hey there,

reading some of those recover< stories I see more and more ppl saying that they recovered for a good time but then relapsed again without being able to explain the sudden cause of relapse.

Im diagnosed with Bipolar-Disorder2 and whenever i hit for 4-5 days a hypomania after 4 weeks of major depression i seem to always break through DP to an extent, feeling like waking up but then getting back into my normal state again for no reason because it just is my bioregulation :/

Now my question is if those who relapse unfoundedly suffer in the first line from an endergenous depression so that there isnt really a chance to cure DP once for all through just restructuring thinking patterns? Or can one cure their DP but keep on having depression symptoms, so that those are parallel processes? This would help me a lot because im more bothered by my DP than depressions.

Also the diagnosis BPD2 seems a bit vague to me because youre only suffering depressions and hit a slightly euphoric episode for a few days which isnt even psychotic, the diagnosis could also be 4weeks DP and 4-5 days breakthrough it.

Would really appreciate opinions of some ppl which are familiar with bpd, my concern is just if im really able to cure DP once for all or is it just too affected by my depressions? No illusions pls.
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