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Big Brother (UK) / House of Obsessive Compulsives.

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I'm deeply ashamed to say it but I've actually been watching Big Brother recently. The question I want to ask is: Is it me, or are the remaining house mates the most extraordinary collection of freaks ever known to man? I need an answer because I fear that I might have to run screaming to the moon if that bunch is a representative selection of the British public. I reckon it'd be morbidly splendid entertainment to have a Big 'Mentally Ill' Brother, what you think?.

On a related theme, did anyone see that program on OCD last night, 'The House of Obsessive Compulsives' ? I saw the title in the newspaper and thought it was a horror film. Which, of course, it was in a way. As a mildly obsessive ruminator myself, it was hysterically funny. Yet between the tears of laughter I did find myself punching the air in delight when each of the lunatics successfully confronted their fears.
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I was at my brother in laws place last night and he switched over to the Australian Big Brother. That he/she/it form the UK Big Brother is now in the Aussie house. He/she/it has the most horrid arse I've ever seen and the crap that it wears so f****n hideous. I never watch that show and I know why.
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