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Big Brother (UK) / House of Obsessive Compulsives.

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I'm deeply ashamed to say it but I've actually been watching Big Brother recently. The question I want to ask is: Is it me, or are the remaining house mates the most extraordinary collection of freaks ever known to man? I need an answer because I fear that I might have to run screaming to the moon if that bunch is a representative selection of the British public. I reckon it'd be morbidly splendid entertainment to have a Big 'Mentally Ill' Brother, what you think?.

On a related theme, did anyone see that program on OCD last night, 'The House of Obsessive Compulsives' ? I saw the title in the newspaper and thought it was a horror film. Which, of course, it was in a way. As a mildly obsessive ruminator myself, it was hysterically funny. Yet between the tears of laughter I did find myself punching the air in delight when each of the lunatics successfully confronted their fears.
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hands up ive been watching it lol
i tell myself each year what a load of old shite it is then get sucked in...but i watch them in that house and all i can think of is how can they walk about in that house all day in mental bliss,once there was a time when my mental state would have coped fine but now that place would tip me over the edge i reakon
all i can say martin is 'welcome to the life of the unemployed,you have arrived'

let me think

jeremy kyle show or trisha

shops for newspaper

log onto internet

neighbours at 1.40

watch film downloaded the day before

simpsons at 6

workout at 7

and on and on

oh and not forgetting big brother at 10 then the late film or a good book ;)

on the topic of craig i feel he should really see the house shrink he is in obvious emotional turmoil and he will look back at these clips and it will haunt him for the rest of his life...he even scares me when he turns into the character from the shinning

when i was younger i got involved with a girl i worked with and she told me that it wouldnt work as she was finding it difficult, and of course this upset me and in the end i had to leave my job as i too couldnt handle the animosity and anxiety...lets face it craig has fallen in love with anthony and hes forced to live under the same roof with someone he admires but can never have
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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