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Sleep-deprived DP.

My brother has weaned off amphetamines which he was taking for almost 2 years for excessive sleepiness. But last year when he tapered off he developed a sleeping disorder called Non-Restorative Sleep. (He always had another non-24 sleeping disorder but that's another story).
Since quitting the amphetamines he's had many problems like anhedonia, fears, depression, etc but what he cannot take any longer is extreme DP. He is in an extreme state of DP 24/7.
My DP is way worse if I am sleep-deprived but I can get enough sleep unlike him so I know how he feels. It causes anger, restlessness, and whatnot.

Did anyone get a sleep-deprived-chronic-DP? Can't get enough sleep no matter how long you sleep? Or is he 1 in a million?
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