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Since we got a post about the worst musical artists, how about some of the best or your favorite

Im gonna try to get with Alicia Keys If I ever make it in the music biz... lol


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Dude, hating stuff is a lot cooler than liking stuff. Especially when it comes to music because all musicians pretend to hate themselves and write about how miserable their life is.

Who are the three guys with caps on? Al Green's Greatest Hits was in my top 10 favorite albums ever that I submitted to this magazine which ended up being published.

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yeah I forgot about Jay & Phish, and actually Jay did an album with Linkin Park as well. This all goes to show Jay's greatness & respect throughout the music industry & entertainment world.

heres some more greatness

Soul Brotha Number 1, Pete Rock



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Alicia can't be gay! and if she is, i will make her straight haha

but na, i really don't think she is because i saw an interview with her and she was talking about an old boyfriend.

I mean if shes bisexual thats cool, and normally i wouldn't care if a female or anyone for that matter was gay, but not my future wife ALICIA KEYS!! haha, talk about delusional thinking

actually theres a pornstar that looks almost like her as well, maybe its really Alicia??? haha, i hope not

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Phish has played with everybody. Most people can't even name one Phish song but they really have played with tons of people: Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Carlos Santana, B.B. King, pretty much every guy from The Dave Matthews Band and The Grateful Dead on some occasion, Wynnona Judd, Reba McEntire, Allison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Les Claypool, Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix's bassist)...and the list goes on.

Getting pics takes too long so I'll just write 'em down.

Pink Floyd
Bob Dylan
Pearl Jam
Curtis Mayfield
Al Green
Van Morrison
Genesis (only with Peter Gabriel)
Aimee Mann
Willie Nelson
The Who
The Thrills
Talking Heads
Jimi Hendrix

and many more...

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gimpy, umm i am white, hahaha

ive made that known about 200,000000000 times

and I got my name from this song by PETE ROCK called SOUL BROTHA NUMBER 1

i hope that you won't share in the ignorance of many others by saying " your a ******" or " you just wanna be black, blah blah blah". The only place ive ever heard such things was on the internet, in the real world, everything's cool.

im just one of those whiteboys with soul haha

speaking of white boys with soul, allow me to take this time to give props to SOME of the many unrecognized white rappers and producers out there, who automatically get thrown into the " eminem pile" simply because they are white.




Aesop Rock

Beastie Boys

Ill Bill of Non Phixion

3rd Bass ( old school rappers who dissed Vanilla Ice many times)

Slug of the very popular Atmosphere

7L & Esoteric

and from my very own homestate

As far as women, ive ALWAYS had a thing for exotic woman, spanish, asian, black, & mixed women as well.......

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I can personally vouch for the fact that Alicia Keys in not gay. Maybe bi, but definitely not gay.

Also, am I the only one noticing the trend that "Best Music" includes soooo many artists from my generation?

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Gimpy and JC, your lists are quality...gimpy, not sure how you can rate a boring band like coldplay when you dig stuff like Pavement....strange.

Here's Mine

The Beatles
David Bowie
Bob Dylan
The Byrds
Leonard Cohen
John Cale
Gene Clark
Lou Reed (and Velvet Underground)
The Pixies
The Flaming Lips
Sonic Youth
Neil Young
Crosby, Stills and Nash
Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys
Super Furry Animals
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
Johnny Cash
Bert Jansch
Nick Drake
Mercury Rev
Bob Mould/Husker Du
Nick Cave

My heroes....


Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

Neil Young


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facts are keys puts out a heavy butch vibe. just check out her live performances youll see what i mean. i think 50 cent puts out less testosterone on stage. but she says shes not gay, and that shes in a long term relationship with a dude. but who knows.
if she is gay, i dont think she will come out of the closet any time soon. if she does shell have alot of very unhappy male fans, and im sure her and her record company dont want to see all that money going out the window, especially since she still hasnt reached her peak. i also find it kinda lame that they have to use camera tricks and clever editing in her videos to tone down her masculinity. if they want her to look more girly than they should hire someone to teach her. i guess it would be someone whos a master in the opposite of the birdcage syndrome?? :lol:

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man you guys got it twisted straight up

Its not that Alicia is acting " manly" its that shes acting HOOD. Alicia is a hood chick with class. Thats why she acts like that. I know lots of girls like that. You think ALICIA has some " manly qualities" or whatever your speaking of, you should meet my friends Baby Mom's. That chick is straight rugged. She will beat the shit out of a dude, never mind a girl, but shes not gay.
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