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Everything seems to have been pre-determined in our
society, pre-recorded if you will. It seems that we
don't have a choice. Most people believe that there
are things that we have to do within a certain context
that entails living. Things such as going to school,
getting a job, and most importantly having an
All of these factors are within the realm of what is
considered living. But this doesn't consider the
perspective which breaks out side of any point of
view, which is not necessarily the usual why are we
here question, it is the question you ask that
doesn't have
any words, it is the unameable feeling that exists
when you realize that none of this is valid, it is
just something that has been created to make it easier
on ourselves, that we are just a bunch of confused
beings running around and we don't even know what a
being is. Regardless of one's spiritual beliefs,
consciousness when you reflect on it enough, can feel
like a trap.
We are supposed to do things with it, make something
of it, have interesting thoughts, converse with
others, be comfortable, oh and the big one...have an
Is it working for us as a species to live within the
guidelines of living? I don't think it is. One could
blame it on capitalism, and terrorism, and that guy,
but all of these problems are within the context of
living. If one were to break away from everything
that they know including their identity and time
itself and let their mind freeze and think *who am I what is
this* until we become giddy with terror and bliss from the
unknown on a regular basis, sure there might be mass
chaos if people opened themselves up to what I will

Chicago call for beings....
Talent wanted for getting out of this and playing
addison near the lake
No special qualifications
Whether you're beautiful or you're bright
History could be on your side
turn up:
"thursday at sunset"
the lakefront near addison....Near "the Totem"
You will know "it" when you see it..

call the void for lack of words to describe, then
we could realize as a collective conciousness, that we
are all in this mess together and that nothing matters
but the question itself that doesn't have words or
meaning that we can decipher and just like we can
choose to reinvent ourselves at any time we can choose
to reinvent ourselves as a species. The hell with
names like (insert your name here), and country...these things have no
meaning besides for convienence, to hell with comforts
and luxuries...everyone should have food and shelter,
the rest should be for everyone and anyone who wants
it, to hell with notions of heaven or hell....these
things aren't living...being is all that matters and
the sensation of not knowing....this isn't
groundbreaking....I am not enlightened....I just think
if *everyone* periodically would open themselves up to this, there
wouldn't be a
need for issues like war and class struggle.
sure there would be the need for mass psychological
and social chaos, but... then we could all be free to
just be.....ahhh...does this make any sense?
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