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I've been pushing myself alot kore lately to return to my normal life.

I get up early and go to bed at a normal time now.I clean and cook again which I wasn't doing at allI actually spent almost a month basically being bed bound do to being afraid of how I felt.

With me doing so much more I pushed myself a little more today.I got up and cleaned like usual and then decided to take a trip to a few stores.I wasn't in any of them long but I was gone for atleast an hour.

Once I got home I had a friend come over and I hung out with everyone and was fine.

I started feeling detached from my body which usually just happens.I just continued hanging out.well my parents stopped by then my friend left and I kinda just felt like I was spinning in circles.

It feels like so much happened In a small amount of time.before my other friend left I went to the room and started feeling like I didn't know them.everything feels off.

Does being overwhelmed trigger dpdr??

I get this fear that at any moments I'm just gonna lose it for good.
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