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being blamed for parents illness

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my dad had a heart attack a couple of years back and now everytime my dad is in pain or feeling depresed my mum tells me its all my fault ,i dont know how to deal with this i feel its totally unfair...ive spent most of the past two years doing everything for him and now his suffering is supposedly all my fault...i cant handle this,can anyone advise

all the best
a very low
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hi martin
i was actually nearly thrown out of the house this week....but one minute im being asked to help out with chores (which i do anyway) and then im being told 'your dad needs his space' its justa mind fuck...
but on a good note ive just been down the local mental health resource centre and landed myself a kitchen job for a few hours a week so they can have there space for a few hours a day....the trouble is this is just adding to my bitterness because when i do eventually get my place i know that the phone is going to soon start ringing with my mum asking if i can come around and help my dad..

now do i act cynical and say 'tough you got what you wanted' or do i pop around here smartish....i might sound bitter but i wish theyd make there minds up..

life sucks big plums eh
what happened to the job in basingstoke by the way ?
ha ha !
faking my own death wouldnt be a bad thing lol im actually on the housing list here but its catch 22 while im not working i remain on the list but as soon as i start full time work im taken off....its a sorry situation no-one can afford to buy there own place,everyone has to rent,and it just gets me mad as hell...i had to have a serious workout today to release all my anger,infact ive been working out ,cycling,walking just to stay calm....and now ! my mums being nice as pie to me ....i think shes skhizo i seriously do
well it could be either redundancy...contract ran out,or late days due to heavy nights
dakotajo said:

Find your own place. You need to create some seperation from your parents. It will be a healthy move for both you and your parents.

your so right,im just racking my brains as to where i can go
the gutter could soon be an option
the hardest part for me what with all this pressure is staying away from the drink...but my sunday meetings help
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