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being afraid of kannabis psychosis

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Hi all!

I'm suffering from dp and am new here. I have been following the forum for a while, but this is the first time for me to write.

I will post my story a bit later, but for now I would want to know something concerning kannabis psychosis, as I have heard of it but don't know if something like that actually exists.

For me dp developed within a couple of days about 6 weeks ago, 10 days after I had smoked marijuana. I have only tasted a couple of times in my life and never really got high, as each time I've smoked I've just taken a couple of puffs. The same happened last time, I didn't get much high. And dp didn't develop until abt 10 days after smoking, so is it even possible that I could have kannabis psychosis? (What I mean is that for me dp did not come the way, that I would have stayed high and never got back to normal after smoking. It came days afterwards.)

For me it is very much possible that dp is related to some other issues such as depression, anxiety and/or obsessiveness, as for a pretty long time I had some emotional stress (social anxiety, an entrance exam last spring, for which I had been studying like half a year..). Dp started in circumstances where the stress and related insomnia had lifted only a while ago and I had started feeling a bit depressed instead.

I haven't had any hallucinations or delusions, it has been just dp with it's different symptoms (first dr - which then slowly lifted - now just general unrealness and feeling like I'm living in a dream).

However I'm so worried about kannabis psychosis and I desperately would need some accurate information about it - my primary concern is that is it something that can be permanent? Or is it something that one can be cured from? How long might the kannabis pyschosis take? And does it follow smoking straight away or can it come with a delay of days?

If somebody knows something on this subject, I'd be so appreciated.
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What does that mean "A higher level of metabolic activity"? I'm too drained to read the whole article.

Also Janine, brilliant... this is me

What you describe is very common to dp sufferers who have major anxiety or obsessive defenses. Those defensive structures get "rocked" by the experience of being on a rec drug - your sense of Reality was challenged, and if you're obessive to begin with (or held together sort of with spit and glue), that drug experience can be perceived by your mind as a kind of Trauma.

What then happens is that the mind spends the next several days trying to regain status quo - and it takes about a week for those efforts to hit a brick wall. the result is that the person develops some kind of horrible mental symptom to cope with the fact that they feel "changed" or diffferent...they're freaking out, to put it non-technically.
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