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being active

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hi, I'm just looking for motivation. As it is, I'm not interested in anything anymore, therefore I mainly live inside my head, i.e sleep and check in at a couple of discussion forums. I know this cannot be good for me but can somebody say they're doing better when they keep active, since I don't feel a difference...but I'm probably just too impatient. There's so much things I could do, it all just seems so pointless...I need meaning. And I don't mean to whine! Just thinking aloud. I do believe most of us will be cured.
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i know how you feel maria....the only thing i have found is if you keep active you have less time to focus on the symptoms....yes they are still there cause it wont go away over night....but we have to get on with everyday living even if we only feel as if we are acting.....try push yourself to do something at least then at the end of the day you can look at what you have achieved and feel proud of yourself.....i have had many months of having no motivation but i know feel that this will never go unless i fight it by trying to live a normal life even while i have severe unreality :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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