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before the internet or any knowledge of dp ?

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what happened to all these poor souls that were afflicted by this only to be told (as i always do) that its just anxiety doing its worst
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SoulBrotha said:
why do we suffer so much eh
the first time i read about dp was in the claire weekes book and i felt relieved,but still the doctors never seem to have heard of this
no i dont feel as though im going backwards,i understand what you are saying and i take no offence but somedays i dont visit here at all and other days i feel like saying a few words...its a bit like sometimes when you post you are very kind and then other times you are very caustic,you see we all act different on different days.
alot on here are recoverd but it still feels like a nice place to visit,ive infact met many friends on this website and i will remain posting ,if people dont like my posts or find them boring then theres no need to open them...a problem shared is a problem halfed

all the best

peace out
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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