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Been two years now

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So its been a little over two years now and I still have dp dr , it doesn't really scare me anymore and its only real intense if im very anxious.
All the severe symptoms are pretty much gone what I'm left with now is
- my memories still feel like they
Did not happen really
- things that happend yesterday feel
Like it was ages ago
- my reflection is of still can't
Can't explain how though
- I still feel ive changed not the
Same Allison

And if im super anxious i get the typical foggy looking world dreamy feeling ect .
Still get the strange flashback feelings .

Any way doesn't matter because I'm living life like before and I feel ok i know its from anxiety and I do believe it can still go away.

It's hard for me to not have anxiety as i have health anxiety on top of that I have chronic daily headaches caused from my neck , ibs , hypermobility disorder and fibromyalgia from the hypermobility .
There medical problems give me depression and anxiety so this is why I still have anxiety and dp dr .

I'm working with drs to manage these conditions better , in hopes it will lower the anxiety .
Anyway good day everyone .
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