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So I'm not a chronic user of the stuff and I only tried THC once, the only other times I had CBD oil and one time a CBD Blunt. One day after I got overly stressed/super anxious about turning in my final assignments and passing all my tests I woke up the next feeling high/trippy almost? The catch is I hadn't had any pot or THC since April and it's now June. In fact I almost did trip a bit, plus my eyes were super red like I had taken THC (which makes me suspicious it was leftover THC in my body) - and then I have been feeling not entirely detached from reality but my whole body is tingly/has this weird sensation when I touch it. On top of that I've been sort of dizzy and disoriented too. People on reddit told me to go to the doctor immediately, but I haven't "died" and it's been four days since I started feeling weird. Some of them tried to convince me that it was a psychotic break, when I know for sure I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder- I didn't break with reality, I just panicked alot.

Well now I have these brief moments of forgetfulness, and also a tired-ish feeling along with some nausea. I'm pretty sure I have DP/DR now, as it's the only thing that sounded like what I was experiencing after my panic attacks. I want it to go away as I am only 19, but I personally find the solutions to fixing it particularly bothersome.

People say that you should tell your family/friends but I have very unsympathetic family and barely any friends, and also I don't have people to hang out with in real life, so I mainly spend most of my time on the computer as my work revolves around computers. I also don't like shrinks/therapists because I've always been scared that if I dabble in psychiatry I'll end up getting myself into a whole bunch of things I don't need, like medication with tons of side effects and traumatic experiences with doctors- (the reason I think this is because my mother has an illness herself and she's told me horror stories she went through with misdiagnosis and also doctors fucking her life up)

I've been thinking maybe meditation may help, reading physical books and also going for walks? And maybe even hypnotherapy might help since it's caused by flight or fight/stress responses in the body.

The only way I would ever see a therapist is if I can do it online, in the comfort in my own home where I feel like no one can judge me for talking to one- but I have yet to find a website online that takes insurance for therapy.
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