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Beating the ******* at its own game

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I know this may have been mentioned before, but last week i discovered something that helps with the 'OH MY GOD, IM NOT THE PERSON I THOUGHT I WAS ' thoughts.


These things were going round and round in my head and geting extremely frustated, confused, terrified, etc and all the other horrible feelings that it throws so generously at us and we know so well, and was getting more ground down by the day. By Thursday evening id had enough,slamming around pots in my kitchen, as id come up with some new 'evidence' that a trait of my identity that was mine, wasnt. :?

"RIGHT. OK!!!!! SO IM NOT F*%@*&%$ THAT EITHER!!!!
GO AWAY! *%$?* OFF WILL YOU!!!!! "

And it did.
And it was only then when i accepted all the negative 'evidence' that i came up with some real evidence that this particular trait was really part of me and it hadnt been a lie.

"Phew" I thought .
Well ive found at least one way of getting some relief. And I think this is when it began to subside a little. At least ive got most of my 'sense of self ' back. Well it seems quite a bit clearer anyway

Ive learned to treat it like a spoilt child who wants attention, just acknowledge it from the corner of your eye, and it goes away when it doesnt get what it wants

Janine is right. But I wish Id listened a little sooner

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