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Hi guys, me again, your probably getting sick of me by now, but as many of you may know where I am coming from when I say this, I am fighting a mental battle at the moment, and posting on this forum and being able to ask questions, and get reassurance and advice, helps me immensely to feel better.

OK.. here is the thing, I can feel Depression is starting to take hold of me a little bit, as with the symptoms of anxiety and DP/DR etc its hard to be a happy chappy, specially as its so hard to ignore/not notice DP/DR. so as well as trying REAL hard to keep active, social, and busy, I have been looking at some natural herbal anti-depressants, and relaxants, as a good nights sleep is very important.

Kava Kava (anti-dep)
Valerian Root (Relaxant to help you sleep better at night)

I worry even when I am asleep at the moment,

I have done some research on the net on these and they seem quite good

So NEW Plan..

Keep Busy
Keep Socially Active
Play music with my Band/Do the gigs we have booked
Play some sports (football, Badminton)
Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine
Try Kava Kava to feel less down about this whole affair, and try Valerian Root to help me get a better less eventful nights sleep.

please do comment on this and let me know what you guys think about this plan and my idea about Kava Kava and Valerian Root, I have also decided to seek a therapist/councillor to chat about it all.

look forward to you thoughts on this people.

Oh and here is the site I got the info on the herbal remedies

in case anybody wants to check it out.

thanx all, take care.

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Kava is a lot like drinking but no hangover. Just don't take too much because it will make you tired and a little sick. I would only use kava after a hard days work as a sleeping agent. Kava is probably very useful for anxiety. Just remember to try it out at the end of the day not the begining.

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My friend works at a health store I'll ask her if they have it. Lostone... finally another person from chicago!

And somebody else... looks like a good plan, let us know how it works for you.
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