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need I say more, it wont kill you, it wont make you crazy and it wont kill you, can anyone 2nd or 3rd me on that?

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i agree...

i tell myself everyday that it is not going to kill me or send me mad...

but that is not what troubles me..that is not what i am scared of...

i am scared and troubled of the FEELING of going mad all the time...the FEELING of not being connected to me or the world...

i know it is not going to kill me and i know i am not going to go mad...

but that does not relieve the feelings and thoughts...does not relieve what i go through everyday all day....

that is what i struggle with...

but i try and get on best i can...

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DP isn't an emotion, its a persception, we don't feel DP, we feel EMOTIONS because of DP.

We never lose a "connection" with this world, we don't even enter another world, notice when you get DP that everything that existed in our so called "reality" remains the same, remains constant? it's all the same except for our persception of how we are veiwing the world? as I said in my previous post, if we can live with other peoples opinion on certain aspects of life, an opinion just being a persception, can we live with a OUR OWN different persception of this world, deeper into that, perhaps our minds are just having another opinion of this world.

I can't say anything about "feelings" everyone has different feelings towards DP, but if we have feelings, doesnt that mean were still in this world? doesn't that mean that we are actually normal? in a world (persception) that seems foreign to us, so distant, so sick.. We still have feelings, we can still breath, eat, blink, kiss... perhaps that's what makes us so scared, we still having everything, but FEEL we have nothing, notice the key word FEEL, we only feel, feeling is a persception
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