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Bad reaction to St. John's Wort or fish oil?

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Okay, for a few weeks now I've been taking SJW and fish oil every day, and have progressively felt worse. Within the last week or so, I became really short of breath (felt like someone inflated a balloon in my chest), had really bad pressure and pain in the left side of my chest, had absolutely zero appetite, and almost completely disconnected from the felt as though I no longer existed. Finally at the end of my rope, after waking up this morning and feeling like I was going to die, I decided to take nothing but my Zoloft, which I've been on for about a week and a half...and I feel *completely* different. I'm still "zoned out" and can't concentrate, but I can breathe again, my appetite came raging back, and I've been extremely talkative all night--pretty amazing, considering I could hardly whisper a complete sentence just yesterday.

I wonder...could all this have been a bad reaction to the SJW? Has fish oil been known to cause extreme reactions in certain people? Maybe I'm allergic...
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Don't take SJW with any other anti depressants. It's a big no no. Also, some people are allergic to it on its own and can cause breathing difficulties.

Fish oil is often used for allergies, especially to aid respiratory problems such as asthma. Ironic!

Dodgy combo if you ask me. You've definitely done the best thing by stopping the SJW. Perhaps talk to your doc - I don't know much about zoloft at all.
I find drugs always do something to me, show themselves to at least be in action. I put this down to 1- being sensitive to drugs and 2 - being sensitive to any slightest change in my body that might normally be ignored by any sane person. SJW actually made me feel really good, until I got dosage-happy (can't do things by halves) and it affected my nerve endings when I went in the sun. Photosensitivity is a common side effect. I would actually take it again but not now as on Effexor.

Sebastian, je peux lire en francais - malchance! J'entends le besoin d'utiliser une autre langue quelquefois. Exerciser les neurones de cerveau!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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