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Bad reaction to St. John's Wort or fish oil?

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Okay, for a few weeks now I've been taking SJW and fish oil every day, and have progressively felt worse. Within the last week or so, I became really short of breath (felt like someone inflated a balloon in my chest), had really bad pressure and pain in the left side of my chest, had absolutely zero appetite, and almost completely disconnected from the felt as though I no longer existed. Finally at the end of my rope, after waking up this morning and feeling like I was going to die, I decided to take nothing but my Zoloft, which I've been on for about a week and a half...and I feel *completely* different. I'm still "zoned out" and can't concentrate, but I can breathe again, my appetite came raging back, and I've been extremely talkative all night--pretty amazing, considering I could hardly whisper a complete sentence just yesterday.

I wonder...could all this have been a bad reaction to the SJW? Has fish oil been known to cause extreme reactions in certain people? Maybe I'm allergic...
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whether this is relevant or not...i took St. John's Wort for about a week, and my dp felt totally worse by the end of the week, and so i discontinued. Whether the two things were connected, je ne sais pas, a le meme temps, je n'ai pas des intentions a l'emploi encore. Merde, mon francais est tres mauvais. Je ne sais pas porquoi j'ai commence l'utiliser. Pardon moi. Je suis a mon travaille est je suis tres, tres, m'ennuyuex.

J'espere pas des personnes ici peuvent lire en francais.

g-funk said:
Sebastian, je peux lire en francais - malchance! J'entends le besoin d'utiliser une autre langue quelquefois. Exerciser les neurones de cerveau!
Je pense que je t'approve!
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