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Unless I take something to sedate me, it's so so hard to go to sleep.
Bad dreams are some of it.
When I was growing up, bery few things felt safe. My mother, and I have a hard time insuomg her, had a hard time negotiating adult life.
Everything was falling apart It just felt ironed to decay. Scary. And my father, my parents were divorced, was a harsh man. It was fertile ground to grow in. And I see now that while there are troubles in all families and ppl, when you have early difficulties, it's hard to tolerate loses later in life.

Bad dream: in a car. I can't see out the front window. I'm going against traffic and I can't get the brake on. My foot was reflecting as I got up from the dream.
And I will Kantar: I want yo know, which I know no one can vent, when the bad things stop coming down around me, and the sunlight comes through. When I won't be so afraid.
When finds will seem ok
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