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Bad bad mood

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Janine (someone...)

What to do when you're in a bad bad bad mood! I just think of popping 2 pills of Klonopin.

I miss my sleep pills...argh....

I feel so anxious and I don't know why...


(it was my day of complaining, as usual) SORRY :oops: :oops:

Cynthia* or someone like her xxx
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Cynthia, it is truly important to remember that it is okay to be in a bad mood. Anger, upset, sadness, happiness whatever the mood may be these are all normal in human behaviour. One of the good things that you feel the bad mood is that you are feeling. You are feeling real emotions. In a bad state of dp/dr sometimes you cannot feel these moods. It makes you feel empty. By having real feelings says that you are getting better in one sense. So many times people try to cover what should not be covered. It is also important to remember though that even though we may feel angry not to take it out on someone else. Learn how to express feelings in a productive way. Feeling emotions means feeling alive, and to me that is a good sign.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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