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I fell off the wagon as I haven't really had a set schedule since I've been working so hard on alleviating my anxiety, not thinking as much, etc.

I am only getting better and better but there is still a ton of work to be done. I am going to update this journal right before bed every night until I am 100% or at least very close. My hope for this blog is that a lot of logical realizations can be made that will be useful to anybody suffering from this. Once I'm better I plan on composing a guide that touches on a lot more then "well bro, it's only you that has changed so dont think about it and you'll get better" because it is far more in depth then that. That being said, you can't try to understand the complexities or you'll get stuck in the cyclical loop of thoughts and anxiety.

Right now I'm literally combatting DP-DR, OCD and high levels of anxiety, it's quite entertaining, I'm enjoying it.

But yeah, nothing is fucking with my positive mindset and I am certainly going to beat this, Honestly, I'm laughing at the fact that I even have to deal with this shit, I'm literally unphased.

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