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I had a fantastic sleep last night and felt rested in the morning. I was nervous, but excited. And then... busses were cancelled! About half of the kids showed up, so it ended up being a fairly easy day. I had a really hard time in the gym with the kids yelling voices echoing around the room, but I didn't spend too much time thinking about my DR when I was with the kids. I thought about it more when I was in the staff room, sitting with the teachers. Usually I feel very comfortable sitting, chatting, laughing and being a part of the conversation, but today I felt socially incapable. I ended up leaving the staff room and doing work in my classroom, which is totally fine, just out of character for me. I didn't feel panicked AT ALL during the day. I was calm but a little nervous. I didn't even think of taking an Ativan.

Overall, I was happy with the day. There are things that I would like to work on and improve, but I was proud of myself for getting through a day at school. I'm so glad to be back.

Back to report card writing for me.....
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