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I'm back. I was seemingly cured of DR, but it has started up again with a vengeance. Recently, my family has discovered that we are unable to move back to Virginia. I lived in VA for 8 years, then we moved to Florida. For the whole time we've been here (about 3 years), I've wanted to move back to VA and always thought we would (we were all planning on it, we even bought a house there). Now, my father is unable to get a job in VA and we are not moving back for at least another 3 years. I used to have DR from stress at school because I was really shy and had a hard time making new friends here in Florida. Now, I'm over that and the DR had faded away, almost completely. Now that I have found out about not moving back, my DR is as intense as ever. It is such an awful feeling. It goes from normal, to complete terror so quickly. I was going out to ride my horse, then I got an intense episode and had to stop. I hate this. So, I'm back here again. Any tips for trying to lose some of this stress? I like my school here in Florida, but I always thought we would move back and this is such a shock. I'm still planning to go to UVA, but that is a way off. :(
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