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Hey guys I missed ya. Can't say the same about dpdr.

I find myself yet again wondering if it's dpdr. But it's a comforting diagnosis at this point.

I was actually getting to a point that I really felt great, fog was pretty much gone, vision was probably as good as it was gonna be, and I was just gonna ride on my symptoms forever. I was at peace with it.

Cysts and skin problems once again arose and my derm ran me through the whole list again, topical, antibiotics, whatever. One thing worked and then we lost control yet again so I brought up giving Accutane another shot.

Was on it for one week at a decent dose, doing fine, then my eyes got dry, I got home from work and started to worry about them again and bam. I see bad visual snow again. I always have it but I think I aggravated it. Also a bit of fog. Only a week. Is this bad. Shoukd I worry. I went on Accutane for a month a while ago and was totally cool. This time it's a weekh and it's all been aggravated. So I'm off it again to see if it comes back down. So far my anxiety has lowered but the snow and fog are kinda not changed. Should I be worried? I been off it for a week and a half. Worried I fucked up. But idunno.

Also anyone notice it more when you're just chilling? Thanks!
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