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Back after 6 years

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Hi all I am back after 6 years of this shit, no derealisation just DP and obsessive thoughts about exisiting and the fact I have a set of eyes that see and I am hyper aware of my existence Valium is keeping me stable but last time I used lexapro and Valium to beat this fingers crossed this combination works again
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hii, to bad.....:( but you know it will go again, it was before... the thought about having a set of eyes....same here...
Let us pray!!!

It it really ocd?
Also with the thought...thinking and thinking...pfff
well, I am also religious but I know were it is coming from.
Yes ocd are you medicated?
I have sertraline, i had it for years.. but stoppend because of pregnancy....and after pregnancy I started again... I was feeling...I can not bescribe anymore so so scary
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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