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Avoiding Bad Things

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So, I see a lot of post that tell us to stay away from things like the new, depressing TV shows, horror movies, etc. I find this very difficult because I love things like that. I love watching the Walking Dead and the news, I like reading about serial killers. None of these things give me anxiety, as far as I can tell. How much do you think these things affect us subconsciously? Will I ever be able to watch/read/do things I enjoy again?

On another note, people always tell you to distract yourself, to stop thinking. Personally, I love to think. Though I am more relaxed when I'm working mindlessly, I don't feel as good when I'm thinking calmly. I guess this part is less of a question and more of a complaint lol. Do you guys feel the same way at all?
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Haha, I'm exactly the same! I'm always drawn to researching bad and potentially depressing things but I don't feel that it affects me in the long run. Some of the stuff does sadden me quite a bit, but it doesn't change my DP/DR as far as I can tell.

Also, I agree - thinking is great (in general)! I always get freaked out after a blank-out period. Thinking so much is exhausting but at least we're in some degree of control (that's what I feel anyway).
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