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avoidance makes me feel good...

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Hey... I'm finding I'm less depressed now because I have stayed away from things that make my DP/DR worse. Those things would be work, school, grocery stores, malls, the gym, and others. I realize I get depressed and suicidal when my DP/DR is bad. Guess I'm practicing avoidance behaviour. But... I do feel happier. Is this bad?!
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I know in my case that avoidant behavior (aka distraction) pulls me through the worst of time. The gym -- certainly. And so do friends, the bar, my nieces, my family (not necessarily in that order) give me something to look forward to. The problem is that one always has to come back to oneself, and that is where the grief begins. I'm not sure whether I have to keep myself distracted 24/7 or face the daemons within.

Any takers?

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